Musing Mondays 9/13/10

13 09 2010

(Hosted by MizB at Should Be Reading)

This weeks Musing Monday question is:

Where do you buy / Get most of your books?

I can’t afford to buy a lot of books, let alone all the books I want, etc. I get a lot of my books rented from the library. OR from doing book reviews. But I certainly don’t do book reviewing for the free book(s). I do it because I have thoughts and opinions on books that I love to share and discuss; I think it is fun reviewing books though I certainly don’t like giving bad reviews but I am being honest.

I honestly have never heard of an annual library book sale. I’ve never seen one from what I can recall, but the library I go to most often has a bookshelf in the main lobby where paperbacks are 50 cents and the rest are $1.oo.  But I am definitely going to search those out!

I tend to barrow books as well, mainly from my mother, Christian self-help, motivation, Bible study type books. And way back when (lol) before I met my husband and I was holding down two full-time jobs I never had time to go out to the actual book stores so I joined a few book clubs via mail and got some really good deals and now I have boxes of books. But there are so many more wonderful books out there that have come out in the last few years I need to catch up!!

Have you or did you ever join a book club via mail?




2 responses

13 09 2010

Oh, my, when I was answering the question, I forgot about buying from book clubs. I do belong to Doubleday, but I haven’t bought from them in awhile. I’m trying to curtail my buying! Let’s see how well that works…lol.

Here’s what I wrote:

13 09 2010

Yea, I haven’t purchased from them in a while. I was with three or four of them but that was back when I was single and had two full time jobs, like I said. Now my life consists of paying bills and buying diapers!

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