The Sunday Salon 6/20/10

20 06 2010

(Hosted by The Sunday Salon)

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This week I finished 1st To Die by James Patterson.

I don’t know if there is even a point in making a personal review for this book because he is so well-known and popular. But we’ll see…

I’ve started reading I Will Not Be Silent by April Maley for review…Quick read but good Lord… very sad…more on that later.

I also need to start reading Women’s Anatomy of Arousal by Sheri Winston for review. It’ll be an interesting read and a learning experience (lol) to say the lease.

I am also reading Vexation by Elicia Clegg for review.

I am only reading one book at a time though because even though I can read three or four books at time, it obviously takes me longer. But I should be able to finish reading I Will Not Be Silent by Friday and that’s giving myself wiggle room. But I am going to be putting a lot of though I think into the review because it is a more serious book since it is a memoir about her childhood and how it affected her and still affects her to this day.




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