The Sunday Salon 6/6/10

13 06 2010

You know what, I forgot this was a draft. I didn’t realize I had left it unfinished. I was going to catch up on my posts and things and saw this as a draft so I thought I’d finish and publish it not realizing how blank my post for it was (just the picture…lol) so now that I think of it, I don’t recall what I was going to say except for this:

I get ahead of myself with books, especially from the library. I believe I have mentioned that in the past. I see all these books and I want to read them and I promise myself I will and I’m very optimistic…until I have one month and ten books to read. I begin to lose optimism…

Especially when I get busy around the house, running errands, taking care and having fun with my now 9 month old girlie. But then I think, if I run out of time, it just goes back on my requested list at the library. No worries (yea right lol). So I am going to hopefully finish 1st To Die by James Patterson and continue with Winter Haven a novel by Athol Dickson. I kinda slowed on that because I got so into James Patterson’s book series (Women’s Murder Club). Not saying Winter Haven isn’t as good because it is but I’ve been more into a James Patterson mood. Kind of like how I Love Cherry Dr. Pepper but I am on a Pepsi kick right now. No offense to Athol Dickson because Winter Haven is good writing and really good characters. I am really enjoying the storyline thus far.




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