The Sunday Salon 6/13/10

13 06 2010

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I am on the brink of finishing 1st To Die by James Patterson and I am very happy about it so hopefully I will have my review up later this week. Now it will make sense in the next few books when Lindsay Boxer talks about the Bride and Groom Case that she cracked. It will also make sense when she talks about Chris Raleigh. But more on that later:)

I was also reading Winter Haven a novel by Athol Dickson…but because I got so wrapped up in the Women’s Murder Club book series, I put an extension on my time for another two weeks…or at least tried to…someone else already had a hold on it. So I put it on hold AGAIN and hopefully I  will get it back before the 12×12 Reading Challenge is over lol! I hate it when I have to do that because

then when I do want to read that book, I can’t. And it bugs me! But… I will have my chance soon enough…patience Lisha…

I am also joining the Summer 2010 Challenge which is tackling your TBR List during the summer.

So instead my next reads will be I Will Not Be Silent by April Maley which I am reading for review. Also next for me is Acting a novel by Sherri Winston. My review for that should be up in the next few weeks.




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