Musing Mondays 6/7/09

9 06 2010

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Where is your most often used (favorite) reading spot? Do you have more than one? What makes your favorite spot just that?

Share pictures if you have them! 😀

That is easy for me though I don’t have pictures…I do need to work on that. I have a camera and the wire I need, but I need to be better about uploading the pictures! Especially if I want to do blogs about my life; aka hubby, daughter, family, friends ,etc…ANYWAYS….

My answer: The bed. But inadvertently I have taken naps because of this spot but I have gotten better. I sit up with a couple of pillows behind me with my daughter in the room in her playpen with her toys ( between you and I…I do sometimes get sidetracked because of her lol…

My other favorite place would be the bathroom. While I take my weekly bath…lol OK that came out wrong. I shower regularly I promise. But I take a bath once a week as a treat to myself. Kind of like me time. Relaxing reading time that’s quiet and I get clean as well…lol.

My bed though is the main spot, obviously and I like my bed for my reading sot because there isn’t the interruption of the television or daily commotion. I get to sprawl out if I want and I have all the pillows I want. And if I end up taking a short nap…OK.




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