Book List and Reviews

30 04 2010

I am starting a blog for just the books I have read in the past and would or wouldn’t recommend. Which means, as I come across books I have read in the past, it will join the list and reviews. So, one day I may add one book, while the next week I may add four books. I am letting you know this so it I don’t show myself or present myself as a faster reader than normal because there is no way I could read four novels in a week. Please keep in mind though, I am new in writing down my thoughts and reviews so if they don’t make sense or seems scattered, I apologize. But please feel free to email me or post a comment and I will explain. I don’t mean to offend people who like a certain book when they feel I haven’t give the book a fair review; it is my own personal review, not a professional. Though I may add links or comments from other people who have given reviews on the book and please feel free to add your review of the book if you have read it.

1. “If I Am Missing Or Dead: A sister’s story of love, murder & liberation” by Janine Latus

This book is a must read! Based on a true story, the older sister;Janine tells her story starting when she is a little girl, following until she is a grown woman. Telling her struggles and achievements, and how her and her sister fight for their lives when they tormented with fear, and abuse.

I give this book a 4 star ****

* sorry if this is a crappy review of the book, I would go into detail but that would ruin and give away the book.*




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